I love that you are here!  I hope that this page will answer any of your questions that you might have, but if this page has been no help - please give me a shout out via DM on instagram or email and I will get you sorted.


How long will my order take to be made?

I like to consider myself a speedy Gonzales and have your mats created within 10-14 business days however sometimes there are more orders than normal and it can take up to 2-3 weeks + shipping

How is my mat order made?

With my very patient and creative hands! I paint them with paint and a paintbrush. Because of this please understand that your mat is going to be unique and have its own personality. Hand made items may not be ‘straight’ and in line to the mm but that is what makes handmade items unique. 

What paint is used?

I use a special UV protected paint that is made to be strong against the elements. I also mix a special sticky blend in there to help with thickness and hold. 

How long will the my mat last?

This will really vary and be different for everyone.  While your mat is suitable for both inside and outside use and the natural coir fibres are naturally stain, rot and mildew resistant they do not like getting wet. Wherever possible, we recommend keeping your mat away from regular and direct rain. Saturation may cause the natural tannins of the fibres to change colour.

If your mat is outside in the sun and rain and you have a really high foot traffic you will start to see you mat shed and fade the quickest.  I recommend a freshen up with every season or two if you are wanting a fresh mat.


How long will my design last?

Similar to the above question, it will depend on foot traffic and weather.  The more use your mat has that faster it will shed. 

It also depends on your design.  Bold and thick designs will appear to last longer than design that are smaller and thinner in font as the fibers and the mat coming loose will start to breakdown your design.

Is there any variances from the photos and picture I created of my custom mat?

Every single mat is hand created by myself and while I try to get everything perfect, every time - there will be some variances.  Font sizing and placement can vary with every single mat I do.  No two will ever be exactly the same. That is what makes your mat so unique and exclusive. If you design your mat using our 'personalise it' option there will be variances also.    As mention I hand paint - not print.  I may also make slight changes (sizing and placement) so the design is more suitable for your mat.


By placing your order when using the personalise your own mat feature  you understand there may be slight variances in placement and sizing with your final product.  I hand paint and will also make slight changes where I think it is needed in regards to placement and sizing to create the magic in your mat for you. The final design you will see is a rough draft so you can have a basic visual. I will never change font selected or spelling.

Where can I check if my order has been dispatched and track the delivery? 

You will receive an email with your tracking code automatically when your order has been created.  (Check your junk mail!) With this code you can track your parcel via the link included on that email. 

HELP! My parcel has been lost/delayed! 

Once the parcel has been picked up by the courier I unfortunately have as much information about the where abouts of your parcel as you do.  The journey of your parcel is completely out of my hands and TRUST ME! I know how frustrating it is. I would suggest calling the tracking company connected to your tracking number.

There is a mistake on my order and I want to return it.

Please refer to our RETURNS + REFUNDS page